Timothy E. Hutchison, President/CEO, SoftWriters, Inc., Allison Park, PA

“My wife and I engaged Jean to do a complete home redecorating project. This project included new carpeting throughout the home, new wall colors, new furniture in the family room, living room, dining room and kitchen, and draperies throughout. Jean provided several options for each of the rooms and made wonderful recommendations and helped us acquire artwork and other decorations as well. We are consistently complimented on our home when entertaining, etc. and it is all thanks to Jean.

I was so impressed by the work in my home that I decided to engage Jean at my offices as well. Jean assisted with color selections for the walls and artwork for the executive offices. Here choices in color and artwork were professional and the offices look great.

I found Jean to be a knowledgeable, energetic, and dedicated professional and I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to use her on the next project that we have.”